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About us

We are blessed with nature in abundance.  This small town sits on the side Volcan Baru connecting the Pacific and Atlantic oceans with astonishing biodiversity... and we want to share it with people who want to celebrate and heal with nature.

Our mission is to provide inspirational nature based experiences and products that transform peoples lives on the path to becoming one with nature.

Our Journey:  The business was started based upon a passion for taste and the extraordinary variety of the wild honeys of the region.  This lead to keeping bees in remote places and a journey of discovery into raw nature.   Over time nature started to change us all, healing us, and showing us more things about how the world really works, that we are all connected, the beauty the tastes and sounds and the smells of flowers that transport us into a blissful dreamy state and the ultimate realization that we are in fact nature.  

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