Our experiences are designed to inspire a greater love and knowing about nature.  The farm is set in a Coffee Estate planted amongst gardens of flowers.  Interspersed with native bee hives and petroglyphs dating from around 3000 years ago and some of the first civilizations to populate Chiriqui.   Our guides are very knowledgeable and our tours are informative, relaxing and we like to think ....transformative.

VIP Honey and Butterfly Tour

This is our Gold Standard tour and includes the highlights of everything that we have to offer.  Our famous honey tasting, our butterfly house and laboratory as well as farm walk with a focus on native bees and the nature of the region.

Butterfly Garden and Lab

In our Butterfly House we have around 40 different species of butterflies. Join us and see the beauty and the science.

Honey tasting

An opportunity to taste our many types of natural raw rare honeys from different plants in this biodiverse region.  As well as our medicinal infusions.

Butterfly Cacao Ceremony

Experience a heart opening, butterfly transformation with our exclusive cacao ceremony during the evening flight of the owl butterflies! You will feel the difference!

Yoga, Dance and Capoiera

Daily yoga and different dance and capoiera options

The Short and Sweet Coffee Tour

All you need to know in just over an hour with an opportunity to drink your coffee in the butterfly house afterwards.   Includes a focus on nature of course and how we cultivate coffee, pollination and tasting as well as the history of coffee in the region.

Customized nature experience

We can offer a number of unique experiences based upon our expertise in nature and the region.

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Miel Boquetena y Mariposario

Boquetebees:  Casita de Miel

Calle Milquibeger

(Mercadito Jenny and Casa Romero)

0413 Boquete 

Customer service: +507 7202939​

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