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We produce honey from bees that live in the pristine cloud forest and ecosystems that surround Volcan Baru.  Here there is enormous biodiversity allowing us to harvest many rare unique single harvest and varietal honeys from the flowers of clean untouched wild plants.

Raw honey is a natural medicine and we build on this with some of our infused honeys.  Raw honey contains many micro-nutrients, acts as an anti-microbial, anti-oxidant as well as containing other plant based medicinal properties all with balanced sugars. We add other medicinal herbs and spices to make a gourmet medicine treat.

Our Rainbow Honeys

We sell pure raw biodiverse cold processed honey made by local honey bees.  The high quality of honey we produce allows us to enjoy the sweet tastes that our brains like so much in the way that nature intended and keeps us healthy.

Some of our products:

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