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For the love of nature

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We are passionate about experiencing nature through the senses and exploring the healing power of nature

We believe in living in harmony with nature, we are nature, we are all connected.  Our experiences and products are offered to inspire a greater love of nature in all her splendor.  


We offer nature based experiences and products to inspire a greater love and passion for nature.   We are beekeepers and also breed butterflies in the beautiful cloud forest of Western Panama.  We are passionate about sharing our knowledge and appreciation of small things.  We have butterfly garden under a roof with a yoga and dance studio inside.   We produce a wide range of rare raw honeys as well as organic coffee.


Honey is an ancient medicine and a modern super food.  We believe in honoring the importance of bees and honey in the lives of men and see honey as the natural gold of the Panamanian Isthmus, reflecting the enormous biodiversity of Panama.


Boquete, in the cloud forests of Western Panama is one of the best growing regions for coffee in the world.   We grow our coffee in a garden plantation, under full shade canopy.  The coffee plantation is full of birds, butterflies and native stingless bees that are important pollinators for coffee.


Coming Soon

Work in progress!

Come on a journey with us into nature in one of the most biodiverse regions on earth.  Enter our garden and share our love of nature. 

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