Our butterfly exhibit is open from 9.30am - 4.30pm every day.

As well as enjoying our beautiful butterfly garden which houses the adult butterflies, the tour also includes a visit to our laboratory where we breed butterflies.  You can see eggs, hungry caterpillars and beautiful jewel like pupae waiting for a butterfly to emerge.

    $12.00 (Plus 7%)
    $ 6.00 (Plus 7%)  Ages under 12 
    $ 6.00 (Plus 7%)  School Students (Up to 18)

Book your hour slot to visit the Butterfly House. 

Payment can be made online or upon arrival.

Butterfly Gardens and Laboratory

Butterfly Tour
1 hr
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Miel Boquetena y Mariposario

Boquetebees:  Casita de Miel

Calle Milquibeger

(Mercadito Jenny and Casa Romero)

0413 Boquete 

Customer service: +507 7202939​

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